Suspended Drywall Grid

Suspended Drywall Grid

If you want a drywall ceiling, but plumbing, duct work, etc. is running below your joists, we have a solution. We use a Suspended Drywall Suspension System. Suspended drywall grid hangs on wires, like standard suspended ceilings, but instead of placing tile in the grid, drywall is screwed to the bottom of the suspended drywall grid. The suspended drywall grid is wider than a typical suspended ceiling grid, and works great. Suspended drywall grid is a pre-engineered cost saving alternative to wood sub framing (additional framing that attaches to the joists, yet hangs down below pipes or ductwork) or traditional carrying channel and hat channel, for framing flat or curved drywall ceilings and soffits. Suspended drywall grid is a unique, pre-engineered system that can reduce installation costs up to 40-percent versus conventional cold-rolled channel or steel stud drywall ceiling installations. This system also allows for easy transitions in ceiling elevations and between ceiling types. Suspended drywall grid is a hot-dipped, galvanized system that is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Suspended drywall grid meets or exceeds load compliance specifications per ASTM C635. Suspended drywall grid barrel, vaults, archways, valleys, waves, serpentines, and domes all have the flexibility to easily transition to flat ceilings, soffits, and acoustical ceiling suspension systems.  Suspended drywall grid is becoming very popular in both residential as well as commercial applications. Below are pictures of some suspended drywall grid ceilings we have installed. These pictures show some of the more elaborate work we have completed, but suspended drywall grid works great for basic flat drywall ceilings as well.

Drywall grid barell vault. After removing scaffolding, was 28 feet high drywall grid dome

Barrel vault dome with some drywall installed

octagonal trey with suspended drywall grid multi-level trey using suspended drywall grid

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