Suspended Ceilings Atlanta

Suspended Ceilings Atlanta specializes in suspended ceiling installation. Our suspended ceilings are laser leveled, and we take pride in our work. References include architects, general contractors, homeowners, manufacturers, designers, and suppliers. In addition to standard acoustical ceilings (aka drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, false ceiling, grid and tile ceiling), we are one of the last few installers that are experienced in the art of installing 12"x12" acoustic "glue up" method ceilings. We also install metal ceiling tiles, suspended drywall grid, acoustic wall panels, acoustic baffles, and FRP panels (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). Unlike many contractors that are "Jack of all trades, master of none", we are master drop ceiling installers. If you need a specialty ceiling please click on the specialty ceiling tab, to find out more about our expertise in this area.

John Stailey is president of Suspended Ceilings Atlanta and has over 33 years of experience installing suspended ceilings. He has owned his own company in the Atlanta area for 23 of those 33 years, including Atlas Acoustics, Inc., Atlas Interiors, Inc., and Atlas Construction Services, Inc. Suspended Ceilings Atlanta can install suspended drywall grid in basements with exposed duct work for those who would prefer a drywall ceiling instead of acoustic ceiling tiles. Suspended drywall grid allows you to have a drywall ceiling instead of the typical 2'x2′ or 2'x4′ drop ceiling panels. We will discuss with you the benefits of both types of drop ceilings. We will walk on stilts and use lasers to give you a fast, level, and professional install. Our company is able to work on all types of suspended ceilings- acoustical ceilings, suspended drywall grid, 12"x12" concealed spline, 12"x12" glue up ceilings, specialty ceilings, etc. Over the years, we have installed drop ceilings on hundreds of projects. You have probably seen at least one of our drop ceilings if you have lived in Atlanta long enough. We have installed acoustical ceilings for several projects, including several schools, churches, banks, theaters, shopping centers, universities, medical facilities, etc. In addition to the many commercial buildings that we have installed drop ceilings in, we have installed many drop ceilings in basements as well. We can build trey or vertical ceilings, or whatever is required to make your basement ceiling beautiful. For an estimate, please contact John Stailey at 770-403-7044 Thank you.

Suspended Ceiling Experts

We specialize in Suspended Ceilings. We install basement ceilings, commercial ceilings, any type of suspended ceiling. We are expert suspended ceiling installers.


  • Acoustical Ceilings (aka drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, false ceiling)
  • Suspended Drywall Grid (great if you prefer drywall ceilings but need to drop below duct work or plumbing)
  • Trey ceilings
  • Specialty Ceilings
  • Soffits (we can drop down to hide low duct work or plumbing, and go back up where possible to give more ceiling height)
  • Acoustical Wall Panels (can match ceiling)
  • 12" x 12" Acoustic "Glue up" Ceilings (typically glued to drywall or concrete)
  • Cleaning of acoustical ceilings