Don't Leave Vents and Wiring in Plain Sight

Don't Leave Vents and Wiring in Plain Sight

Create a finished look with basement ceiling installation in the Cedartown, Marietta & Douglasville, GA area

The ceiling in your basement deserves just as much attention as the walls, floors and furniture. Exposed light fixtures and air ducts will make your basement look unfinished. Suspended Ceilings Atlanta offers basement ceiling installation services in the Cedartown, Marietta & Douglasville, Georgia area. We'll work with you to design a ceiling that complements your light fixtures.

The installation process is as follows:

A metal grid system is installed
Border tiles are fitted and marked
Lighting, HVAC and acoustical systems are installed
Ceiling tiles are added

If you've hired electrical or mechanical contractors, we can work with them to make sure your ceiling is installed properly.

Contact us to arrange for your basement ceiling installation.

The benefits of a drop ceiling

Drop ceiling installation is a popular choice for basements. Drop ceilings use a grid system to suspend a series of fitted tiles. This creates a look similar to many offices. Drop ceilings are affordable and clean looking. They're also easy to install and can be modified to fit the other features of your basement. Tiles are easy to replace and remove, so you can make repairs to your ceiling, ductwork or wiring whenever you need to.

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