A Ceiling Is More Than Just Decor

A Ceiling Is More Than Just Decor

Add functionality with acoustical ceilings in the Cedartown, Marietta & Douglasville, GA area

If you have a specific purpose in mind for your interior, make sure your ceiling is right for the space. Suspended Ceilings Atlanta installs a range of specialty ceilings in Cedartown, Marietta & Douglasville, GA and surrounding areas.

Choose the option that suits your needs. Our crew can install...

Acoustical ceilings for your home theater room
A wood ceiling to create a cozy, natural style
Curved ceilings you can customize for a unique design

Whether you need a ceiling that can house specialty lighting for your showroom, or you want a beautiful wood ceiling in your basement, we've got you covered.

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Your ceiling has a big impact on your acoustics

The sound signature of your room might not be the first thing you consider when deciding on a ceiling. If you're creating an entertainment space, you'll want a ceiling that will give you the best sound possible. Suspended Ceilings Atlanta installs specialty acoustical ceilings made of durable metal panels. These ceilings are designed to give you control over how sound moves through your space.

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