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Is your basement ceiling crammed with visible plumbing and ductwork? Are your light fixtures dangling and exposed? Even if you have pipes running below your joists, you can cover them with a suspended ceiling installation. Suspended Ceilings Atlanta will install a ceiling below your joists to give the top of your room a smooth, neat appearance.

A room with exposed ductwork looks unfinished. A basement ceiling installation will make your space look as cozy and appealing as the other rooms in your house. Speak with our ceiling contractor today to start designing your new ceiling in the Cedartown, Marietta & Douglasville, Georgia area.

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Basement Ceilings

Install a suspended ceiling to cover up ductwork and plumbing.

suspended ceiling installation cedartown ga

Suspended Drywall Grid

Combine different designs for a unique ceiling style.

suspended ceiling installation cedartown ga

Specialty Ceilings

Improve the sound quality and lighting in any room.

Choose a ceiling that improves your space

If you're designing a showroom for your workplace or an entertainment room for your home, a well-designed ceiling can have a big impact. The ceilings we install will give you better control over the lighting and sound in your room. You can also choose trendy designs like metal or wood panel ceilings.

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Install a ceiling that meets your needs

Suspended Ceilings Atlanta installs many kinds of ceilings in Cedartown, Alpharetta, Marietta & Douglasville, GA and surrounding areas. We can inspect your home and recommend an effective solution for your space.

Our team can install...

Tile ceilings
Drywall grid ceilings
Acoustical ceilings
Specialty ceilings

A traditional tile suspended ceiling installation is popular because it's cost-effective and available in a number of designs. If you don't like the tile appearance, a drywall grid system will give you a smooth look that can be customized with domes, archways, valleys, waves and vaults.

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